The 2018 IFAC Conference on Advances in Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control will be held Wednesday through Friday, May 9-11, at the Het Pand Convent and Meeting Centre in the heart of Ghent, Belgium - unanimously declared as the most pleasant city of Belgium. The conference venue is near cultural heritage places, historical monuments, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment, just a walk to all of Ghent's known sights. Its traffic-free center is known for medieval architecture such as 12th-century Gravensteen castle and the Graslei, a row of guildhalls beside the Leie river harbor.

Call for Papers in pdf form can be downloaded here: Call for Papers - PDF version

Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers are undoubtedly the most employed controllers in industry. The PID 2018 is the sequel of PID 2000 in Terassa, Spain and PID 2012 in Brescia, Italy. These last two meetings proved to be great successes and have given a significant impulse in research direction of PID controllers, as seen in the last decade in literature reports. The PID 2018 conference is a timely and necessary event fueled by the challenges and perspectives of Industry 4.0 context and the renewed role of the PID controller in this new environment. In addition to provide the current state-of-art in the field, the meeting aims at providing a perspective of the future requirements for PID controllers within Industry 4.0.

not limited to
PID tuning and automatic tuning methodologies
PID-based control structures
Applications of PID control
Industrial products for PID control design
Adaptive and robust PID control
Multivariable PID control
Identification methods for PID control design
Stabilising PID parameters
Event-based PID control
Fractional-order PID controllers
PID control performance assessment CACSD tools for PID control design
PID control education
Fault detection techniques for PID control
Nonlinear PID control
Simple alternatives to PID controllers


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